2 November, 2016

Top Tier ranking success for Ampersand in Chambers and Partners UK Bar Guide 2017

Ampersand has again received top tier rankings across a number of areas of practice in the latest published guide to the legal profession, Chambers and Partners UK Bar Guide 2017.

Ampersand received 53 listings across 14 areas of practice, ranking as top tier (band 1) in Clinical Negligence as a Set, and band 2 in Administrative & Public law, Civil Liberties & Human Rights, Commercial Dispute Resolution, Personal Injury and Restructuring/Insolvency as a Set. In addition to this Aidan O’Neill QC is ranked in two areas in the London Bar Guide.

The full listings are:

Administrative & Public Law


Ampersand offers expertise across a diverse range of public and administrative law cases, notably in the areas of commercial, planning, EU and human rights law. Within the public sector, the stable receives instructions from local authorities as well as the Scottish and UK governments. Advocates also represent corporations, charities and individual petitioners seeking to challenge legislation and public body decision-making. Recently, members have been involved in a high-profile judicial review concerning the ‘Named Person’ provisions in the Children and Young Persons (Scotland) Act 2014.

Client service: “The clerks are very responsive and able to put forward good counsel.” “A good clerking team. They are helpful, friendly and accommodating.” Practice manager Alan Moffat leads the team.



Ailsa Carmichael QC
Maintains a broad administrative and public law practice, representing petitioners and respondents in significant judicial reviews. She also advises local authorities about their funding obligations, especially where responsibility for the provision of a particular service is being contested by another local authority.

Strengths: “Excellent, reasonable and pragmatic.” “A nice manner in court.” “She offers both clarity of analysis and clarity of presentation, which makes her an effective advocate and means that she has the ear of the court.”
Recent work: Represented one of the interveners involved in the Christian Institute’s high-profile challenge to the introduction of regulations requiring every child in Scotland to be assigned a named person with responsibility for overseeing their welfare under the Children and Young Persons (Scotland) Act 2014.


Aidan O’Neill QC 
Frequently involved in cases of significance before the highest courts in the UK and EU. He specialises in challenges against legislation and government policy on the grounds of human rights and EU law.

Strengths: “His sheer scope of knowledge and intellectual capacity is astounding.” “He is tenacious and takes on points others wouldn’t think of.”
Recent work: Represented the appellants in a judicial review against the Lord Advocate concerning the right of prisoners to vote in the Scottish independence referendum.


Malcolm Thomson QC 
Has extensive experience of appearing in administrative and public law cases. He is particularly noted for representing clients in both the private and public sectors in planning appeals and inquiries.

Strengths: “Very nice to deal with and very knowledgeable.” “He takes a well thought-through and thorough approach to his cases.”



Civil Liberties & Human Rights


An esteemed stable that exhibits key strengths in the areas of employment, equality and EU law. Ampersand fields a formidable team of well-respected advocates who offer expert assistance and representation in complex civil liberties and human rights cases. Given its stellar reputation, Ampersand regularly wins instructions in the most high-profile, significant cases, as evidenced by its recent handling of R (Sandiford) v Foreign and Commonwealth Office. This case considered whether the FCO is obliged to fund advocacy for British citizens facing the death penalty abroad.

Client service: Alan Moffat is the practice manager.



Ailsa Carmichael QC
Highly experienced silk who routinely appears in the Supreme Court and the Court of Session. She habitually assists with matters relating to immigration, asylum and professional negligence, and wins praise for her deft handling of complex judicial review proceedings, statutory appeals and public inquiries.

Strengths: “She’s sensible, reasonable and thorough. When she speaks, the court pays full attention because they know she’ll add something that’s worth saying.” “She’s very well respected by the market.”


Aidan O’Neill QC
As a barrister practising across England, Wales and Scotland, he is well placed to advise on the impact of complex aspects of EU law upon British human rights. He is highly regarded for his finely tuned advocacy skills, and makes regular appearances before the Supreme Court.

Strengths: “He’s very inventive, knowledgeable and academic. He’s completely up-to-date and is a bold advocate on behalf of his clients.”

Recent work: Appeared in Hainsworth v MoD, a case concerning an employer’s obligations to accommodate the disability requirements of an employee’s child.


Douglas Ross QC
Draws upon his prior experience as a UN legal adviser to better assist his clients in significant cases. His highly active practice sees him making regular appearances before the Supreme Court, the Mental Health Tribunal and the High Court of Justiciary. His burgeoning civil liberties and human rights practice is complemented by further expertise in the areas of personal injury and medical negligence.

Strengths: “He’s a very steady, reliable advocate and he’s really got the ear of the court.”

Clinical Negligence


A prominent stable in the clinical negligence domain, Ampersand possesses a solid bench of highly experienced silks and juniors. Its members handle the full spectrum of matters including high-value and complex cases for both pursuers and defenders. Members acted in the landmark Montgomery v Lanarkshire Health Board case which has had a huge impact on laws of consent in this field.

Client service: “Excellent clerking team – Alan Moffat is always willing to help us in any respect.” “Very good, they will try and accommodate us and the clients as much as possible. The senior clerk, Alan Moffat, is very proactive.”



Maria Maguire QC
Unanimously regarded as a standout advocate in this arena, Maria is constantly in high demand. Of late, she has been focused on acting for pursuers in cases of the utmost complexity and severity.

Strengths: “An absolute star at clinical negligence.” “She carries a great deal of weight in the court.”


Simon Bowie QC
He possesses a wide-ranging practice and is praised in particular by market sources for his medical negligence defence work for both institutions and individuals.

Strengths: “He’s got a level of charisma that works with judges. He inherently has the ear of the court.” “Excellent at defending cases.”


Ronald Clancy QC
An established name in the field of medical negligence, who possesses a depth of experience of taking cases of significant value to court.

Strengths: “Good at high-value, complex stuff.” “He’s highly experienced, able to give clear advice and is someone with a lot of experience in court.”


David Stephenson QC
A formidable opponent on the medical negligence defence side, who frequently receives instructions from a range of health boards.

Strengths: “Very highly regarded as a defender.” “Very competent.”

Recent work: Instructed to defend a claim of negligence relating to the storage of cryogenically frozen sperm.


Lisa Henderson QC
Market commentators are extremely impressed by the work Lisa does in the clinical negligence sphere. She acts for both pursuers and defenders in high-value cerebral palsy and spinal injury cases.

Strengths: “Her standard of work is excellent.” “A go-to counsel for cerebral palsy. Her grasp of even the smallest detail is incredible.”


Lauren Sutherland QC
A well-known figure in medical negligence, who is frequently instructed in a diverse range of high-value cases.

Strengths: “Her knowledge of the legal and medical aspects of the cases she handles is phenomenal.” “Absolutely superb at medical negligence cases. She goes the extra mile to understand the expert knowledge.”

Recent work:  Acted for the pursuer in a case related to the suicide of a girl and the psychological effects of this on her mother.


Douglas Ross QC
An extremely experienced practitioner in the area of personal injury and medical negligence, who is particularly knowledgeable in cases involving fatalities.

Strengths: “A top advocate.” “Very thorough, efficient and quick at getting back to you.”


Euan Mackenzie QC
Highly regarded by peers who note his excellent attention to detail. He is frequently seen on both the defenders’ and pursuers’ side of medical negligence cases and possesses additional expertise in public inquiries.

Strengths: “Fantastic; he always goes beyond what you need him to do and goes through everything with a fine-tooth comb.” “A very experienced senior junior.”



Archie MacSporran 
Experienced at taking civil cases in the Court of Session. In addition to defending clinical negligence matters, he is also well reputed in fatal accident inquiries and mental health tribunals.

Strengths: “A joy to work with and a first-rate junior.” “Very fair and even handed.”


Fiona Drysdale 
Birth and brain injury cases are an important area of her expertise. She often represents those of limited capacity such as children and the vulnerable.

Strengths: “Thorough, clever, efficient and responsive.” “A very dedicated counsel; you can see that she really cares about the case.”

Recent work: Acted in a cerebral palsy case involving complex causation and a lengthy proof.


Vinit Khurana 
As a former GP, Vinit brings a wealth of expert medical knowledge to his practice. He represents a wide range of clients in clinical negligence cases and is particularly knowledgeable in fatal accident inquiries.

Strengths: “Very able and methodical.” “Insightful and very responsive.”


Jamie Dawson 
A junior with an extensive civil practice with a focus on clinical negligence. He is recognised in the market for his work in fatal accident inquiries.

Strengths: “He is very good at picking up on things and running with them.”


Catherine Devaney
She possesses experience in several aspects of medical negligence work including cases involving periodical payments and cerebral palsy.

Strengths: “Very hard-working.” “She is someone who I can trust to get to grips with the detail on the case.”

Recent work: Instructed in a matter in which the claimant, who suffered from a negligent infertility procedure, passed away mid-case.


Una Doherty 
A former litigation solicitor who regularly acts for the defence in medical negligence cases. Claims related to cerebral palsy are a key area of expertise.

Strengths: “Very able and efficient. She’s insightful and good at analysing cases.” “She’s always very well prepared.”

Recent work: Acted on behalf of the NHS Central Legal Office in a case relating to the suicide of a prison inmate.


Mark Fitzpatrick 
Reputed for his work in medical negligence defence, he is often instructed in matters involving fatalities and catastrophic injuries.

Strengths: “A senior junior on the defence side; he’s instructed time and again because he does so well for them.” “Works well in a team.”


Philip Stuart 
An established junior with significant expertise in the areas of birth damage and brain injuries. He frequently acts in cases that are both high value and complex.

Strengths: “Has a great deal of experience in high-value defence work.” “Responds within timescales.”


Paul Reid
An up-and-coming junior with a particular focus on cauda equina. He frequently acts on behalf of both pursuers and defenders and was instructed by NHS Scotland in the high-profile vaginal mesh cases.
Strengths: “He stands out.” “He is robust and he sticks to his guns.”
Recent work: Instructed by the insurers of the Society of Radiographers in a claim alleging professional negligence on the part of a radiographer.



Commercial Dispute Resolution


Ampersand is noted for the broad range of specialisms held by its members. The stable is home to market-leading experts in planning and medical negligence law, alongside several respected advocates whose principal focus is commercial dispute resolution. Within this field, members have particular expertise in insolvency, construction, real estate, shipping, media and IP matters. Members of the stable typically act for leading corporates and financial institutions, and are popular choices with leading solicitors in the market.

Client service: “Alan Moffat is courteous, efficient and very straightforward and informative to deal with.” “The clerks are responsive and can give fairly candid advice about who is the right advocate to go to.” “The clerks are always helpful at putting you in touch with the right counsel, and very easy to deal with.” The practice manager is Alan Moffat.



Robert Howie QC
Undertakes instructions in all areas of commercial law, but is especially highly regarded for complex construction, insolvency and shipping disputes. Sources remark on his formidable intelligence, encyclopaedic knowledge of the law and impressive powers of court advocacy.

Strengths: “He has a fabulous command of the English language, as well as of every matter that passes in front of him: he has a magnificent ability to pick up things almost instantaneously.” “If you want an unusual argument, he thinks outside the box and can come up with a novel solution. He’s someone you want on your side if you have a tricky case.”


Craig Sandison QC
A much in-demand advocate noted for his keen intelligence and highly persuasive powers of argument. He is primarily focused on commercial disputes, with expertise in this area complemented by a depth of experience in real estate and IP matters. His tenacious courtroom style has secured him a loyal following among instructing solicitors.

Strengths: “He is always willing to put an argument forward, and has an ability to do so eloquently and persuasively.” “He is tenacious, brilliantly clever and doesn’t get fazed by anything.” “He is immensely intelligent, a formidable advocate and certainly one of the top commercial silks in Scotland.”


Ronald Clancy QC
Continues to attract instructions on a significant number of high-value commercial disputes. He maintains a leading reputation in personal injury and media cases, and is also noted for representing clients in professional conduct cases, including before the disciplinary panels of major sporting bodies.

Strengths: “He is extremely easy to work with, terrific at analysis and a very good advocate.” “He is exceptionally good on his feet.”

David Sellar QC 

Numerous sources highlight Sellar as Scotland’s leading advocate for company and insolvency matters. He is frequently engaged for cases of unusual complexity or those turning on novel points of law.

Strengths: “He is a hugely experienced guy who is very intelligent and good with clients.” “He has very strong technical knowledge and is also really responsive and good to work with.”


Graeme Hawkes
A well-regarded and experienced junior who is recommended by market commentators as a sound choice for banking and real estate litigation, in addition to purely commercial matters. Sources are impressed by his advocacy skills and manner with clients.

Strengths: “He is commercial in his approach.” “He is good on his feet, sensible and user-friendly.”

Ross Anderson

A recent call who is cementing a very strong reputation in the market. Approachability, a strong technical grasp of the law and an ability to think strategically are among the characteristics noted among Anderson’s particular strengths.

Strengths: “A young advocate, but an extremely good lawyer who is very easy to deal with. He is prompt and thorough, and a really good addition to the stable.” “He has a fantastic ability to get to grips with the commercial reality of a dispute, as well as the legal and factual issues.” “A rising star at the Commercial Bar.”

Recent work: Acted for First Marine Scotland in proceedings arising from allegations of breaches of fiduciary duty by a former director.


David Sellar QC
Garners market-wide recognition and is praised as “an outstanding silk” for his highly specialised company and insolvency practice. He is regularly instructed by clients in matters relating to takeovers and capital structures, in addition to being instructed by several banks in consolidation and insurance scheme cases.

Strengths: “He is just an outstanding company and insolvency practitioner at the Bar generally. He is seen as the go-to guy for many of the big company and insolvency cases. He specialises in that area and devotes his practice to it.” “A first-rate commercial silk. His ability, knowledge and experience in this area sets him apart.”


Robert Howie QC 
Outstanding construction silk with a sterling reputation and notable technical expertise. He is a formidable figure who regularly appears before all levels of judiciary in Scotland and across the UK, handling matters that run the full gamut of construction law.
Strengths: “A construction guru in Scotland, the advocate of choice on construction matters.” “He’s a real specialist in construction and knows the subject inside-out.”

Intellectual Property

Craig Sandison QC
Highly rated for his standout courtroom presence and adroit handling of the full range of IP disputes. His broad client base includes private individuals and international corporations.

Strengths: “Really excellent, he’s very intelligent and really understands IP at a very technical level. He demonstrates great skill in court and really fights his client’s corner.” “Tenacious, brilliantly clever and doesn’t get fazed by anything.”

Usman Tariq
Junior counsel with a highly active IP practice, who demonstrates acumen in such areas as design rights, trade mark disputes and passing off matters. He is highlighted for his skill in enforcement proceedings and demonstrates particular industry expertise in the music and media sphere.

Strengths: “A junior counsel with a flourishing reputation in IP matters, especially copyright infringement.”

Recent work: Represented Sky PLC in enforcement proceedings regarding unlicensed broadcasting of the company’s sport channels.

Media & Entertainment

Ronald Clancy QC
Perennial presence at the Scotland Media Bar and counsel of choice for a number of media organisations. He is particularly well regarded for pursuers’ media work and his expertise in reporting restrictions.

Strengths: “He is one of those people who inspires confidence. He has a great presence in court, a calm and firm manner and is very much recognised as being a specialist in reporting restrictions.” “He is easy to work with and experienced and he doesn’t shy away from a fight.”


David Sellar QC
A leading insolvency barrister who brings unparalleled expertise to pensions issues concerning the financial services industry.

Strengths: “He’s very good technically, very quick and thorough.”

Personal Injury


An impressive stable possessing a number of advocates who are skilled across the whole spectrum of personal injury claims. It has an impressive record in terms of its work on catastrophic and fatal injury cases. Several of Ampersand’s advocates also command respect in the spheres of industrial disease and clinical negligence. One impressed solicitor notes: “Ampersand is a top stable with plenty of advocates who you cannot help but respect.”

Client service: “The clerks are very dilligent and get back to you very quickly. You can’t fault them.” “I have always found them to be very approachable, responsive and they find solutions to my problems quickly.” The clerking team at the stable is headed by Alan Moffat.


Ronald Clancy QC 
An expert in catastrophic injury claims including road traffic accidents as well as those with a connection to employers’ liability and clinical negligence. He primarily represents pursuers and is widely considered to be one of the top personal injury advocates in Scotland.

Strengths: “Ronnie is a force of a nature. He is the go-to guy for personal injury.” “He has this sort of gravitas where he can just hold the ear of the Bench.”

Simon Di Rollo QC
A specialist in high-value and complex catastrophic injury claims. He has a broad practice covering industrial disease, employers’ liability and medical negligence claims.

Strengths: “He is eloquent and good on his feet, delivering his point very well.” “He has a very good commercial head on him which insurers appreciate.” “He is excellent at knowing the tactics the other team will employ.”

Maria Maguire QC
A towering figure in both personal injury and clinical negligence matters. She specialises in complex catastrophic injury claims as well as fatal accidents, abuse claims and psychiatric injuries. Her competitors agree that she is a formidable opponent in court.

Strengths: “She is one of the best advocates, if not the best, in Scotland. She is very nice and approachable with clients but in a courtroom she is just fierce.” “She doesn’t give in easily. She is very robust and formidable on cases.”

Graham Primrose QC
Acts for both pursuers and defenders and is considered an expert on aviation-related cases. He attracts praise for his technical skill and his eye for commercial considerations.

Strengths:  “He is flawless. His paperwork is always neat and you just know that he will have done a very thorough job.” “He is an excellent silk. He’s really knowledgeable; he knows all the ins and outs of personal injury and he really keeps on top of his cases.”

Dorothy Bain QC
Noted for a caseload that encompasses a whole range of matters including industrial disease and catastrophic injury claims. She is hailed for her meticulous and tenacious nature.

Strengths: “She has a knack for getting surprisingly good results in very difficult cases.” “She is very strong in court. She is the kind of person that you want in your corner. Some people claim to be tenacious in court but she really is.”

Lisa Henderson QC
Has a varied practice, often handling employers’ liability, product liability and road traffic accident claims. She is respected for her medical knowledge and her ability to apply these to catastrophic injury and cerebral palsy claims.

Strengths: “She is extremely good and able to take on a variety of complex cases and run with them. She is able to handle vast quantities of cases and get to the nub of the issues.” “I am always confident she will be aware of the issues and she has a lot of experience in medical and high-value cases.”

Euan Mackenzie QC
Skilled in a number of areas relating to personal injury including employers’ liability, catastrophic injury and fatal accident claims. He has recently been active in several public inquiries.

Strengths: “He is very able and prides himself on efficiency.” “He is a very experienced practitioner who is very good to work with. The standard of his work is excellent.”

Recent work: Acted for the pursuer on Frances MacLaughlin v Morrison and Esure involving a catastrophic injury following the pursuer being deliberately run down.



Christian Marney 
Acts primarily for defenders on a wide range of personal injury cases including occupiers’ liability, public liability and industrial disease claims. He is routinely instructed by major insurers as well as solicitors and construction professionals.
Strengths: “He is a good guy – a very talented individual.” “It is always a challenge when you come up against him.”


Isla Davie
Experienced junior who acts for both pursuers and defenders. She has a wide-ranging civil practice which spans both personal injury and medical negligence matters. She has a reputation for taking a methodical and considered approach to cases.
Strengths: “Her thorough, precise and methodical approach to written work and her measured style in court ensure that she has the ear of the judge.”


Jamie Dawson 
He has a varied civil practice that includes matters ranging from industrial disease to road traffic accidents and public liability claims. He is singled out for his proactive approach to the cases he is involved in.
Strengths: “He is very good at picking up on things and running with them.” “I would describe him as very proactive. He was very good in the case I was on and made a very positive contribution to its conclusion.”


Brian Fitzpatrick 
An authority on catastrophic injury claims, including brain and spinal injuries. He specialises in high-value road traffic accidents and is praised for the strength of his advocacy in court.
Strengths: “It doesn’t matter what the case is, he will fight your corner.” “He is very experienced. He has dealt with all the issues before and works hard on difficult, unusual cases.”



Planning & Environmental

Malcolm Thomson QC
Acknowledged as a leading expert across the gamut of planning and environmental law matters. He acts for both developers and objectors and is especially experienced in tackling cases relating to retail development and renewable energy.
Strengths: “He’s immensely experienced and has a superb knowledge of planning and environmental law. He’s an outstanding performer, who is thorough and someone who explores all the options. He allies his legal knowledge with great experience and commercial sense to provide the client with as many options as possible.”
Recent work: Acted for the promoter in a matter regarding a compulsory purchase order for St James Quarter, Edinburgh, the site of a major retail led development.


Ailsa Wilson QC
Highly regarded for her work across a whole range of planning matters and particularly praised for her impressive efforts in public inquiries. She is considered to be one of the leading QCs in terms of energy work, and she regularly represents energy providers. She is also highly experienced in handling cases concerning infrastructure projects, appearing on behalf of local authorities and government bodies.
Strengths: “She is very thorough and always has an excellent grasp of the underlying law as well as the facts of the case. She is excellent in inquiries and at court hearings.” “She’s a top choice for both opinion work and court and inquiry work. She has great experience across a whole range of planning work and her legal knowledge is excellent.”
Recent work: Acted in Sustainable Shetland v Scottish Ministers & Viking Energy Partnership, a case concerning the development of a large scale onshore wind farm on Shetland.


Marcus McKay QC
Noted for his deep planning experience and praised by many for his meticulous attention to detail. His particular focus lies in energy and environment work, and he is especially experienced in renewable energy matters.
Strengths: “Very experienced in planning and environmental matters; he is excellent at marshalling large volumes of information and always has the relevant information to hand.” “He listens carefully to clients and will take on board your thoughts and views before reaching a conclusion. In court he is exceptionally good at putting a complex matter to the court and stating the council’s case.”
Recent work: Appeared in a public inquiry into an application for consent for Strathy South wind farm under the Electricity Act 1989.


Laura-Anne van der Westhuizen

An advocate praised for her attention to detail and good drafting skills, who has recently been appointed as standing junior to the Scottish Ministers. She has a strong planning practice and has recently handled a number of hydroelectric power and wind farm-related matters.
Strengths: “She is a pleasure to work with; she is very responsive and can absorb a tremendous amount of detail in a short space of time.” “She is a very competent junior; her pragmatic advice is coupled with a sound grasp of the law.”
Recent work: Represented Scottish Hydro Electric Power Distribution at hearings before reporters appointed by the Scottish Ministers. The hearings concerned the right to retain existing overhead lines on private land.


Professional Negligence

Paul Reid
Has particular strength in the representation of solicitors, surveyors, construction professionals and their insurers in professional liability cases.
Strengths: “Excellent, hard-working junior who we regularly instruct in professional and medical negligence cases.”
Recent work: Defended surveyors Knight Frank against claims of negligence brought by the Bank of Ireland.


Real Estate Litigation

Craig Sandison QC
Has considerable experience of appearing before the Court of Session and the Supreme Court. He routinely handles a broad range of matters, covering areas such as property ownership, access disputes and dilapidations.
StrengthsHe has the most impressive court style and his delivery is second to none.” “Very aggressive, effective and very academically sound – an excellent advocate.”


Restructuring/Insolvency – Scotland (Bar)


This highly commercial group is well known for its work in the insolvency field, and has a number of members who boast strong and established practices. The set has recently been involved in a string of litigation work arising from the collapse of a £400 million hedge fund, as well as work in relation to the administration of Rangers FC. Advocates at Ampersand are rated highly for their knowledge of highly complex and technical issues related to restructuring and insolvency.

Client service: “The clerks are very helpful in getting instructions reviewed and an advocate in the diary.” Alan Moffat is the practice manager.



David Sellar QC 
Star performer David Sellar QC remains a true specialist in his field and the foremost authority on insolvency law in Scotland. His unrivalled knowledge and experience establishes him as go-to senior counsel for complex corporate insolvency matters.
Strengths: “When it comes to the technical aspects of insolvency, he is second to none. His knowledge is outstanding.” “Very commercial, a real expert in this field, smart and good to deal with.”


Robert Howie QC
Has a strong reputation as a commercial advocate and is also known for his ability to handle highly technical cases. He handles a broad range of insolvency work arising out of liquidations, sequestrations and bankruptcy petitions.
Strengths: “For quite a technical case where you need the right answer, he will give you a very thorough and insightful opinion.” “Extremely experienced and able.”


The full listings can be viewed on the Chambers and Partners website here.


London Bar

Administrative & Public law

Aidan O’Neill QC
Extensive experience in administrative and public law claims involving EU and human rights law. He is regularly instructed by claimants in England and Scotland to appear in judicial review proceedings up to the Supreme Court.
Strengths: “Very knowledgeable and practical in relation to proceedings with a Scottish dimension, and an expert on EU law.” “His written advocacy is very strong. He is both comprehensive and knowledgeable about the subject, and his oral advocacy is sound. Virtually unrivalled experience of appearing in the higher courts.”
Recent work: Acted in Sandiford v Foreign and Commonwealth Office, a case considering whether the FCO had duties under European law to provide funding for legal representation of British nationals facing the death penalty abroad.

Civil Liberties & Human Rights

Aidan O’Neill QC
Dual-qualified in both Scotland and England, he concentrates his practice on constitutional, EU and human rights law. He offers particular insight into the domestic effects of the EU Charter, and is noted for his deft handling of matters involving complex elements of criminal and employment law.
Strengths: “His written advocacy is excellent. He’s an utterly comprehensive and knowledgeable advocate with virtually unrivalled experience in the higher courts.”
Recent work: Appeared in R (Sandiford) v Foreign and Commonwealth Office. This case considered whether the FCO had duties under the ECHR and EU Charter of Fundamental Rights to provide legal funding to British nationals facing the death penalty abroad.


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