2 May, 2018

Ampersand’s Laurence Kennedy achieves arbitration Fellowship

Ampersand Advocate, Laurence Kennedy, has been admitted as a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators. This is an internationally recognised accreditation reserved for those who have demonstrated a high degree of skill in all aspects of arbitration practice and award writing.

Laurence is an experienced tribunal judge and has more than 20 years’ experience of conducting cases in the civil courts. This makes him ideally placed to manage and determine a wide range of civil disputes falling within his broad field of expertise.

Laurence has been an Advocate since 2000 but is based in central Scotland and regularly practises in Aberdeen, Inverness and Glasgow as well as the Northern isles. He sees arbitration as providing an increasingly attractive alternative to litigating in the civil courts.

“A well conducted arbitration combines the best case management practices of the commercial court with the flexibility and informality typically found in judicial tribunals. Add the ability of an arbitrator to engage independent experts as part of the decision making process, and to award costs based upon full commercial rates, then the benefits of arbitration are obvious.

“Many experienced litigators may be reluctant to try arbitration because it is unfamiliar but that should not put them off. The legal framework is very straightforward, there are no rigid rules or practices to follow and the arbitrator will direct the parties on what they are expected to do at each stage of the process.”

Laurence is available to act as arbitrator throughout the whole of the UK and internationally. He is a member of Ampersand Advocates and operates his own website at www.laurencekennedy.com

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