25 July, 2019

Ampersand silk speaks at prestigious International conference on Law and Mental Health

Ampersand’s Lauren Sutherland QC was one of the invited speakers at the prestigious XXXVIth International Congress on Law and Mental Health Conference in Rome from 21st to 26th July 2019. The conference was held at the University of Rome and delegates attended from all around the world.

Lauren spoke with 2 Canadian Lawyers and 2 Canadian Doctors during the session headed “Medical Disclosure: Exploring the tension between the patient’s interests and the physicians interests from a medical and legal perspective”

Lauren’s talk was on the Legal Duty of Candour in the UK and whether this is consistent with the approach of the UK Supreme Court in Montgomery on the individual patient’s right to information disclosure.

Further details on this conference can be found on the International Academy of Law and Mental Health website here.


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