20 August, 2019

Faculty of Advocates issue new Scheme for Accounting for and Recovery of Counsel’s fees

The Faculty of Advocates has issued a new Scheme for the Accounting for and Recovery of Counsel’s fees.

The Scheme is effectively an Advocate‚Äôs standard terms and conditions of instruction and applies to all instructions received unless superseded by written agreement of the Advocate concerned. Ahead of a new case management system being launched shortly, the new Scheme streamlines the deferred guidelines previously in place. The only deferral provision will be a period of time i.e. the current Guideline 2. This will allow agents to agree a deferment to dovetail to their client’s billing cycle. Speculative instructions and deferral to completion of case remain as options.

A copy of the new Scheme can be found on the Faculty of Advocates website here.

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