27 May, 2020

Arbitrator appointment to all-female ODR panel for Stable Director, Susanne Tanner QC

Ampersand’s Stable Director, Susanne Tanner QC, is delighted to have been appointed as an arbitrator on the all-female panel of Squaring Circles, which aims to “do disputes differently”.

Founded by solicitor and mediator, Rachael Bicknell, the online dispute resolution business is aimed at providing an alternative to taking matters through the courts and is launched at a time when the COVID-19 pandemic is driving demand for technology-led alternatives to traditional face-to-face dispute resolution and court processes. It uses purpose built ODR technology not previously available in the UK market.

Squaring Circles has signed the Arbitration Pledge to show its commitment to equal representation in arbitration. Susanne is joined on the panel by other dispute resolution specialists, Angela Grahame QC, former vice dean of the Faculty of Advocates; Gillian Carmichael Lemaire, a member of the Paris Bar; Sheila Webster, partner at Davidson Chalmers Stewart; and Pamela Lyall, Scotland’s Mediator of the Year 2014.

Susanne said: “Online dispute resolution is a natural evolution of alternative dispute resolution processes, rather than a knee-jerk reaction to the global pandemic. Once social distancing restrictions are lifted, ODR will be used in combination with face-to-face dispute resolution processes, to offer a unique, flexible and cost-effective solution tailored to the needs of the parties, even in high value and complex disputes.”

“I feel privileged to be appointed to the panel alongside the other distinguished specialists in this exciting opportunity, which champions female talent in online dispute resolution.”

Read the full story here: https://dailybusinessgroup.co.uk/2020/05/all-female-panel-offers-online-dispute-option/

Read Susanne’s full profile here: https://ampersandadvocates.com/people/susanne-tanner-qc/


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