23 August, 2022

Scotland’s Young Academy welcomes 60 new members, including Usman Tariq

Ampersand’s Usman Tariq is one of 60 new members announced by the RSE Young Academy of Scotland (YAS) . The group represents some of the nation’s most innovative young professionals from across the arts, business and industry, government, the public sector, research, and academia, the third sector and beyond. They will join YAS’s existing members in realising its mission to achieve transformative societal change through citizenship, innovation, collaboration, evidence, and leadership.

Usman TariqUsman Tariq said “I am delighted to be admitted to the RSE Young Academy of Scotland, and excited at the prospect of being able to work with talented professionals from different backgrounds and sectors on projects that benefit Scotland, help its people and shape its future. I am also touched that the late Stephen O’Rourke QC was a member of YAS from 2018 until his untimely death last year. I had the privilege of knowing Stephen professionally and personally. While Stephen still had so much to give to Scotland, I really hope to be able to honour Stephen’s legacy by working towards the same mission that so excited him.”

Dr Margaret Cunningham, Co-Chair of YAS said ‘The Young Academy of Scotland is delighted to welcome this outstanding group of new members, whose talents and experiences will bring so much to our work. Our ongoing commitment to equality, diversity, and inclusion (EDI), which was diligently applied during our election process, led to diverse representation of new members from across many different sectors. We are hugely excited to see these new members bring their expertise, enthusiasm, and creativity to YAS to collaborate on new interdisciplinary projects that will achieve transformative change in Scotland and beyond.

Professor Sir John Ball, President of the RSE said ‘I am delighted to see these accomplished young professionals join the RSE Young Academy of Scotland. I am particularly delighted that YAS is continuing in its commitment to bring at-risk academic and refugee professionals into its membership. In bringing such diverse and innovative young leaders together, YAS has great potential to produce creative, fresh solutions to some of the most pressing issues facing our society.’

Yu can view the full list of new members here:

Complete list of new members (pdf)

About the Young Academy of Scotland

The Young Academy of Scotland brings together entrepreneurs, academics, business leaders, teachers, and other professionals to work collaboratively for the benefit of society.

Our mission is to help Scotland’s people and policymakers build a future that is equal, enterprising, sustainable, healthier, smarter, and international.

By sharing our knowledge and practical expertise, we investigate pressing social issues, inform public debate, amplify marginalised voices, and drive transformational change. We do this through a wide range of interdisciplinary projects, led by our members.

The Young Academy of Scotland was established by the Royal Society of Edinburgh in 2011 to provide a platform for innovative young professionals from all areas of academia, business, third sector organisations and public life, to work together to address the most challenging issues facing society in Scotland and beyond.


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