8 November, 2022

Faculty Christmas Collection now open for donations

Christmas is coming, which means so is winter – which will be even harder than usual for vulnerable families given the current cost-of-living crisis gripping the country.

As in previous years, the Faculty of Advocates is stepping up to make a difference through the annual Faculty Christmas Collection, which is now open to donations. This charitable campaign, spearheaded by Maria Maguire KC and now in its eighth year, offers support to vulnerable families in Fife.

“Every donation, no matter how small, will help,” said Ms Maguire. “It has been a particularly hard year for families and our help is needed more than ever.

“The response last year was incredible but we need to do it again. Families are in even more desperate circumstances with rising prices for food, fuel and hygiene products. Many services are not operating. The pressure on families is intolerable. There are increasing mental health problems. There is loss of employment and benefits are decreasing. Parents are becoming extremely distressed that they may be unable to provide basic needs or even heat their home for their children and feel hopeless. It is within our power to make a positive difference and I would encourage everyone to donate,” she said.

“Donations of presents, Xmas treats and cash (for food and essentials) are needed. And it is not only the children who need them. A significant number of the families supported by this campaign have a parent with mental health issues. The pressure of Christmas can often feel overwhelming and we know that a gift for a parent makes them feel more supported and less isolated. This helps the whole family.

“As well as from our members and staff, we have had wonderful support previously from the solicitors’ branch of the profession, and the judiciary, and we are hoping that this year again, together we can make a real difference,” she added.

Anyone wanting to contact Ms Maguire can email her at maria.maguire@advocates.org.uk. More details on what is needed, where to drop off donations and how to make cash donations can be found here.

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