24 August, 2023

Graham Maciver appointed Junior Counsel to the Scottish Hospitals Inquiry

Ampersand’s Graham Maciver has been appointed Junior Counsel to the Scottish Hospitals Inquiry. Lord Brodie, Chair of the Scottish Hospitals Inquiry, confirmed the appointments of three counsel to complete the work leading to hearings in 2024 in relation to the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital as set out in March 2023.

He said: “I am pleased to welcome Fred Mackintosh KC and Michael Meehan KC as senior counsel to the Inquiry, and Graham Maciver, Advocate, as junior counsel.

The issues at the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital are complicated and varied. It is however my intention to report findings as soon as possible, not least in order to offer families and their patients answers to the concerns they have raised.  The Inquiry team has continued with its investigative work especially in relation the water and ventilation systems, drawing from its experts as needed. I plan to be able to confirm hearing dates shortly for a hearing starting in the late Summer of 2024.

The team making investigations in relation to the Royal Hospital for Children and Young People and the Department of Clinical Neurosciences Edinburgh continues to progress its work. Two provisional position papers have been shared with Core Participants this month. A further two will be issued in the course of the next few weeks.

Lord Brodie said: “These papers are in preparation for our Edinburgh hearings next Spring. I anticipate that I will be able to report on the Edinburgh hospital after these hearings have been completed.”

Counsel biographies are available on the Inquiry Team page.

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