Sintetica Symposium – Choice, consent and anaesthetists

CPD: Contact organiser for details Cost: Free Venue: London: St James, fourth floor

*Sponsored symposia*

How would you feel if I took away your right to a choice in everyday life?

What would it feel like if you discovered there was an option available to you, but it hadn’t been offered? Is it our duty, indeed legal obligation, to inform patients of all available therapeutic options, or are there circumstances when we can act in the best interest of the patient?

Sintetica Limited is hosting a unique “Question Time” panel discussion to debate these questions and others from the symposium audience regarding choice and consent. We know choice and consent are topical and we believe that more should be done to highlight the issues and ensure every patient gets offered a choice, especially with regards to regional anaesthesia and day surgery. An aspect of this debate is how the law views these issues and whether or not as a specialty we are in breach of the law?

The panel includes Ampersand’s Lauren Sutherland QC. The other members of the panel are:

  • Chair: Dr Mike Nathanson (Immediate Past Honorary Secretary, Association of Anaesthetists)
  • Dr William Harrop-Griffiths (RCoA and ex-President of Association of Anaesthetists)
  • David Bogod (RCoA and ex-President of the OAA)
  • Simon Fletcher (Vice President RCoA)
  • Morne Wolmarans (ex-President RAUK)
  • Mary Stocker (ex-President BADS)
  • Representative of the GMC


This symposium is free to attend. No booking is required. Places are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Lunch will be provided at the symposium.

This industry-supported lunchtime symposium is supported by Sintetica Limited.

Details here.

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