24 September, 2018

UK Infected Blood Inquiry set to begin

A UK-wide Inquiry examining infected blood and/or infected blood products opens in London today with a commemoration of its victims.

The Inquiry will examine why men, women and children in the UK were given infected blood and/or infected blood products, the impact on their families, how the authorities (including government) responded, the nature of any support provided following infection, questions of consent and whether there was a cover-up,

3 days of preliminary hearings will hear from Sir Brian Langstaff, Chair of the Inquiry and Jenni Richards QC, Counsel to the Inquiry, followed by the core participants, ahead of the main hearings scheduled to start in 2019.

Ampersand’s Aidan O’Neill QC with Jamie Dawson (and Kirsten Sjovoll of Matrix Chambers) as junior counsel, will deliver the Opening Statement on behalf of 248 individual core participants, Haemophilia Scotland and the Scottish Infected Blood Forum instructed by Thompsons Solicitors (Scotland) . Simon Bowie QC delivering the Opening Statement for the Scottish National Blood Transfusion Service is instructed by the Central Legal Office, NHS National Services Scotland.

Details of the Inquiry, including how to watch the live stream, can be found on the Inquiry website here.


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