22 April, 2024

Inner House refuses appeal against Health Board

On Friday 19 April 2024 the Second Division issued its Opinion in the reclaiming motion (appeal) in the case of SD v Grampian Health Board.

This case concerned a brain injury suffered by the pursuer’s son shortly before his birth.  It originally went to trial in early 2022.  The trial lasted several weeks and the Lord Ordinary who heard it ultimately found in favour of the defenders.

The pursuer reclaimed (appealed) arguing that the Lord Ordinary had misunderstood the evidence.  The Second Division heard a two-day reclaiming motion in March 2024 and, having considered matters, refused the appeal.  The full decision can be found here.

Vinit Khurana KC and Barney Ross represented the pursuer in the reclaiming motion.  James McConnell and Shane Dundas represented the defenders.  Vinit, James and Shane are members of Ampersand Advocates.

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