Aidan O’Neill KC appointed Honorary Professor within University of St Andrews

Ampersand’s Aidan O’Neill KC has been appointed as Honorary Professor within the University of St Andrews and the School of History’s Institute of Legal and Constitutional Research.

The period of appointment will be for 3 years, until 31 August 2026.


Four new appointments to panel of Standing Junior Counsel to Scottish Government for Ampersand

Ampersand is delighted to announce that Fiona Drysdale, Jennifer Nicholson-White, Euan Scott and Michael Way have been appointed to the Scottish Government’s panel of Standing Junior Counsel.

They join fellow Ampersand members Paul Reid, First Standing Junior to the Scottish Government, and Tim Young on the panel.

The panel of counsel may be instructed on any matter falling within the Scottish Government’s remit.


Ampersand’s Susanne Tanner QC appointed as arbitrator for Motor Insurers’ Bureau cases for untraced and uninsured drivers

Arbitrator appointment to all-female ODR panel for Stable Director, Susanne Tanner QC
Susanne Tanner QC

Susanne Tanner QC has been appointed by the Lord President as an arbitrator for Motor Insurers’ Bureau (MIB) cases where the driver at fault cannot be traced or is uninsured, under the Untraced Drivers’ Agreement and the Uninsured Drivers’ Agreement, between the Secretary of State for Transport and the MIB. A claimant disputing a decision by the MIB on whether to make an award, or the amount of compensation, or any other dispute between MIB and the applicant arising out of a decision, determination or requirement made by MIB, or the approval of claims from minors and protected parties, can have the matter referred to arbitration. Susanne said: “I am very pleased to have been appointed to the MIB arbitration panel, as I continue to expand my alternative dispute resolution work as both an arbitrator and mediator, alongside my practice at the Bar.”