15 November, 2017

Getting the Most out of Legal Technology

Ampersand Advocates hosted a seminar on ‘Getting the Most out of Legal Technology’ on Thursday 9th November 2017.

Attendees at the seminar heard from a range of speakers from technology companies and from Ampersand members. Dana Forbes gave a practical demonstration of the creation of electronic binders of documents and how best to manage them. Jamie Gardiner offered an insight into ways in which litigation risk might be more precisely quantified, using the specialist software developed by his company, CaseQuant. Paul Reid shared practical reflections on his experiences of technology in the Scottish courts, in particular the use of LiveNote and his experiences in the Glasgow Bin Lorry Inquiry. Finally, Giles Reid examined the provision made in the Rules of Court for technology, and looked at the developments practitioners might expect to see over the coming years. Attendees also heard from Moore Legal Technology on online marketing, Premonition AI on their data on decided cases in the UK and worldwide, and Nalytics on the assistance that specialist software can provide in reviewing and analysing data.

Comments from attendees included, “The best event on legal technology that I have attended.” Giles Reid, one of the seminar organisers, said “It was really useful to hear from both those who provide and develop legal technology and also those at the sharp end of practice who use it. Increasingly, becoming familiar with the advantages and pitfalls of legal technology is something that clients expect and something where specialist knowledge can make a real difference.”

Slides from the presentations can be viewed on our event page here.

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